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Sylver Ranch is a horse sales barn situated in the Hainaut. It specializes in recreational horses and collaborates with several horse breeders who breed professionally and with care. Some horses come from private owners, but each horse is selected for their good character, well-balanced constitution and good health. After this selection the untrained horses are trained by Linde Timmermans. Linde has been training horses since the age of 12 using various ethical horse training methods which enable her to read the body language of any horse. Unfortunately it’s still a common occurrence that horse owners and vendors are not fully honest about their horse’s history and so sometimes we can never be quite sure about what has happened before in the horse’s life – for example the traumas they may have been through or whether they have ever been trained.
Because of this Linde’s expert understanding of horses is very useful. She is able to work patiently with them and return them well-trained, trusting and trustworthy whatever their background. This ethical horse training results in willing horses who enjoy work! Horses that leave the Sylver Ranch are: fluently ridden in the three gaits, desensitized around all kind of objects, fearless of traffic, having good manners, trailer load easily and are well prepared for the farrier. Before they leave us, every horse is fully checked by the vet, blacksmith and dentist. These well-trained horses excel in trail riding for children or other amateur activities where a reliable healthy minded horse is needed. We also like to help you to find and choose the right horse-match: a partner that suits you in character, age, size and breeding, level of horseback riding and ambitions. – Sylver Ranch-


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